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An art community

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visualis: Late latin; Seen or able to be seen by the eye; visible.

This is a community for people to seriously come together, post work, and receive comments or feedback. Or maybe just to showcase a work in progress. Or to ask questions about different media. Or to... Please feel free to discuss visual arts here and to show your work. I want this place to be a center for people to discuss art in all its forms intelligently.
Please feel free to post:



Mixed Media



... anything else visual

Please note that this is a visual arts community, and while writing is an art itself, there are other communities for writing. Any posts that discuss strictly written works (ie. short stories or poetry) will be deleted.

If your visual art incorporates words, that is more than welcome here, however.

All the general rules apply, if something is over 500 px or you're posting more than one picture, please put behind a cut. Please, don't be a jerk, use constructive criticism, no flaming.

Please also note that "shock" art is not particularly welcome here. If you created something just to gross people out, but have no point behind your work, it will be deleted.

Nudity is allowed, but please put it behind a cut with a warning just for the members who do have children around or are in a work environment.

Please don't post hoards of anime drawings here either. If you work with that style, that's fine, but don't just sketch sailor moon or whatever the kids are watching these days and post it.

If you work with digital art, that is fine as well, but please note that this is PRIMARILY a non-digital community. If you have the intention to post nothing but digital work, there are other communities for that as well and you may be better suited to them.

For the time being the community has open membership, but if too many trolls stop on by or there are constant fights, I will make it so you have to request membership.